Dr. Brayer is open and seeing patients!  Here’s an overview of our new COVID safety protocols:


In order to lessen the foot traffic in our waiting room, please call or text our office at 301-869-5595 when arriving in the parking lot. You will be notified when the treatment room is ready. Temperatures will be taken with a touchless thermometer. We have removed all magazines from the waiting room area. Chairs are sprayed with a disinfectant multiple times a day.  Patients must wear a mask in the office per Gov. Hogan’s executive order. Patients should come with their own masks, but if they do not have one, we will have a limited supply at the front desk.

At this time, non-patients coming with patients are limited to ONE necessary guardian.


All doctors, assistants, and hygienists will be wearing enhanced levels of PPE. This includes the use of face shields, N95/KN95 masks, scrubs with single use lab coats, and HEPA filter machines. Additionally, operatories are disinfected with a fogging machines.


We completely repainted and re-carpeted the office. A new level of cleanliness and cleaning procedures will become a new way of life, so we decided the best way was to start fresh with the surroundings. HEPA filters are now in each treatment room with larger ones in the front door area. Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk and in common areas.


At least in the near term, temperatures will be taken with a laser thermometer on all patients before a dental procedure is started.


All patients will be asked a new set of questions upon arrival to the office.  These will include questions like …”Have you or anyone in your household had symptoms of COVID19 in the past 2 weeks?” and “Have you developed a cough in the past 2 weeks?” Patients who answer yes to any of the screening questions will be asked to reschedule their appointment.